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Category: top level

  • Be Sober!

    Be Watchful!     As children of the most High God, we are placed on earth to be watchmen. We are to be people who can spy out the plans of the devil. We are people who must be able to discern right from wrong.     While being all of this and more, we should daily […]


  • DEATH!

    DEATH.     Death is the one thing that nobody likes to talk about. The mention of the subject alone sends shivers down people’s spine. There’s always a cold sensation or feeling when the subject of death is mentioned. However, it is best we are able to fully grasp what death signifies to us as believers […]

  • Studying The Scriptures

    Studying The Scriptures. In this new year, it is crucial that we begin on a good note. This would be the basis of our success this year, if we must succeed. The word of God (scriptures) is the voice of God Himself. As my mentor will say, you must hear the voice of God daily. […]


    A CHILD AND FOOLISHNESS.     Most times when we look at children, we tend to be irritated at their level of foolishness. Although sometimes it’s cute, in a way. At other times, it’s exhausting. Many times you try to teach them things but they seem to know more than you.     It’s rare to find […]


    WORSHIP ĪĪ     Worship, as we know, is the reverence given to a deity. Last week, we talked about worship being in loyalty to God’s words. Today, I want to enlighten us on something different.     Psalm 1:1-6 says(NLT); 1. Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or […]


    WORSHIP.     Over the past few weeks, the subject of worship has been one I’ve been ruminating on. I was led to put all I was taught in writing. In this season, we must understand that worship is a necessity.     As a matter of fact, Abba has made a call for true worshippers. To […]


    GIVING!     Looking at this topic, you probably expect the regular ‘giving’ talk. However, this is going to be slightly different. We’ve always talked about giving from a man’s perspective. Let’s look at it from God’s perspective. In my writing culture, I would be tracing God’s gifts and giving culture.     In the beginning, by […]

  • The Concept Of Forgiveness

    The Concept Of Forgiveness. Forgiveness has become one of the greatest problems in the world today. Everyday, you find years long relationships(marriage and friendship) being destroyed because this quality is lacking. Family members become arch enemies because this quality is no where to be found. Many losses have been recorded as a result of the […]

  • New But Continue.

    New But Continue. A new year is here, Hurray! All glory to Abba for seeing us through the previous year, 2022. It was a beautiful and challenging year with lots of ups and downs. So many things gotmore expensive but Abba fed us. Rice was expensive! But as a friend said; the more expensive it […]

  • What Is Your Righteousness Or Holiness For?

    What Is Your Righteousness/Holiness For?     Many genuine christains ply the route of holiness and righteousness which is very good. They ply this route with the intention of making heaven which is also good. Some take this route because they cannot afford some of the extravagances of the outside world (sin is expensive!).     The […]