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God And Man!

Man And God!

In every organization, there has to be a supreme authority. The presence of a leader is always registered. The duty of the head is to oversee the affairs of his subordinates. His job is to keep his organization whole. In the absence of a head, purposelessness is inevitable.

The Head stands as a symbol of the Law. Without a head, the discipline to carry out duties to the letter wouldn’t be there. The head is the authority that enforces discipline and efficiency. The head ensures that the presence of the law is recognized because where there is no law, anarchy will set in.

The head stands as a defense for his subordinate before the law and men. In the event that a crime was committed, the Head stands as the defender or accused. Often times, such cases are usually external. Internal situations can be resolved with less fuss.

The world as it is now has a supreme head which is God. God had reigned on earth even before time began. He was never enthroned. He was on earth even before time started to count. Therefore, his Lordship wasn’t questionable and still isn’t subjected to questioning.

St. John 1:1-3 says;
1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.(NLT)
2. The same was in the beginning with God.(NLT)
3. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.(NLT)

The passage above exposes the power behind creation, God. It tells of the indispensability of the creator. There couldn’t be another creator because no one existed before him. Therefore, God is the supreme creator. The phrase ‘Supreme Creator’ is commonly used by people who fail comprehend who God really is.

Who is a supreme creator if I may ask?

A supreme creator is a being who existed even before creation was created. The supreme creator was solely responsible for creating every single thing on earth. Automatically, the supreme creator is the ruler of the whole universe. Everything found on earth is subjected to his creative hands. Everything was created according to his plans, fashioning and wishes.

From my analysis, you can agree with me that he fits perfectly as God. He plays the same role as God. The only difference is that the supreme creator is just one dimension of God. Regarding God as a supreme creator is like placing him in a box. This is because He’s a lot more than that. As a matter of fact, God is a full package.

The mistake a lot of people make is limiting God with what they call him. They refuse to explore newer possibilities and dimensions of God. Of a true, no man can comprehend God fully. However, the more you desire to know God, the more encounters you will have with him.

What are encounters?

An encounter is a situation whereby you come in contact with God. It is a situation whereby you touch God by yourself. Encounters occur through different medium such as the scriptures, anointed books and audio teachings, miracles and testimonies, dreams and visions etc.

Usually, an encounter is birted by the presence of God and a hungry heart. A man who isn’t hungry cannot be fed. To encounter God, you have to crave it. The benefits at the end are priceless. Naturally, your life would never be the same after encountering God. This is because a part of your life would experience a shift. Without encounters, man would NEVER get to know God.

From the time of Adam, the first man, encounters had existed. Although we lost the privileged to worship as Adam did, God didn’t stop giving his people encounters with him. Encounters are so important that elements of encounters are found in the life of every genuine believer. Without encounters, many Christian lives would have been cut short.

An encounter seeks to expose you to a certain truth. An encounter seeks to reveal something new to you. An encounter seeks to stir up hunger in you for God again. An encounter seeks to slowly erode your spiritual dullness and instill heavenly inspired wisdom in the souls of men. An encounter seeks to lift you to a higher rank in the spirit. An encounter seeks to break down barriers of addictions and sin.

As a matter of fact, all great men recorded in the bible were men who encountered God. It was through the encounters that their greatness was awakened. If not, they would have died ordinary. An encounter will always remove every iota of ordinariness in the life of saints. Saul is a great example. When he encountered God, he immediately received a fresh understanding. He was transformed instantly.

In the old testament, people who encountered the power of God gave him peculiar names. Each name is peculiar to a person and a situation. These names serve as a reminder of God’s might works in their life.

Although these names were recorded in the old testament, they are till very potent till this very moment. There are more than a hundred (100+) names of God. Below are a few;

1. Jehovah Elohim – the Lord, my strength.
2. Jehovah Elion – the most high.
3. Jehovah Jaireh – the Lord, our provider.
4. Jehovah Makkeh – the one who smites.
5. Jehovah Nissi – the Lord, my banner.
6. Jehovah Rapha – the Lord, my healer.
7. Jehovah Rohi/Raah – the Lord, my Shepard.
8. Jehovah Shalon – the Lord, my peace.
9. Jehovah Sabaoath – the Lord of hosts.
10. Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – I AM THAT I AM.
11. Jehovah Shammah – the Lord, the present.
12. Jehovah El Shadi – the Lord, the all powerful.
13. Jah – Lord over everything.

And lots more….

These names are in various languages. They were given from the hearts of men who knew God in different dimensions. In the heat of worship, these names are used to reverence God.

Everyone should have a personal name for God birted from an encounter. Do you? If not, now is a great time to pray for a life changing encounter with the supreme creator.


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