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God And Man! Īīī

God And Man! Īīī

It is indeed no secret that people who fear the Lord Jesus Christ and do his will belong to a clan called Zion. In Zion, there is an ancient mornach. He has reigned over the earth for only He knows how long. He created creation and gave man the authority to handle it. He is God.

Although he reigns and rules over the world, He doesn’t enforce his lordship on his subjects. They are given the free will to choose whom they will serve; God or the devil. The devil is a cast away of the abode of God. He tried to challenge the authority of God. He was painfully defeated and thrown down from heaven. Since then, he has sworn to frustrate the inhabitants of the earth.

As I said earlier, the clan called Zion is for only those who are dedicated to doing the will of God. Obviously, there are others outside the clan of Zion. Those are people who are either oblivious of who they are or have fallen for the trap of the devil. It is one thing to know who you are and another thing to know who you really are.

Genesis 1:27 says; “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”(KJV)

The verse above explains that every being is made in the imge of God. Meaning that every living being has the life of God Zoé). Sadly, that nature was corrupted by the invasion of the devil that have rise to sin. The devil interrupted the free communion between God and man. The devil disrupted the balance that existed at that time.

After the devil was thrown down, he developed a growing hatred for everything that looks like God. Thankfully, we have been reconciled back to God through thee blood of Jesus. This fact doesn’t dampen his determination to pull mankind down with himself. He relentlessly goes after mankind in a bid to hurt God and have more followers to eternal damnation.

The nature of God we have is above the physical. Thinking about it, God isn’t that shallow as to only make us look like him on the ouside and be different inside. We have similarities with God that connotes a relationship.

The similarity we have is called Tri-dimensionality. This is the quality of having three dimensions. God is singular but is simply housing three people. Same goes for man. Each will be explained below;

1. God

As I said before, God is the ancient mornach who governed the earth even before time began. He created every single thing that exists. However, He is only one being with three dimensions.

a.) The God-Head.

This is the voice that was present at creation. In the old testament, his voice was heard by men chosen to serve Him. He has never been seen before. However, He has only been heard and felt. He has reigned on earth before time began. He spoke to Abraham, Joshua, Moses and many more.

He is popularly known as God. However, He isn’t the only brains behind the operations. He is likened unto a fruit that houses the seed. Every other power that exists as God is under his subjection. He is the supreme being that houses the power untold.

b.) The Son/Jesus/The Lamb.

He is the only recognized direct offspring of God. He is the sacrificial lamb that was sent by the father to reconcile us back to Him. In the beginning, there was no account of Him. This is because He only resided in the God-Head at that time.

Oh His revelation, he came in flesh. He came as a creation of God. He did great wonders and signs among the people. He was wholly subject to the will of the father and the leadings of the Holy Spirit. He made quite the expected impact on earth.

When leaving, He made the greatest sacrifice of all; the sacrifice of His innocent blood for man.

c.) The Holy Spirit / Comforter.

This is the third member of the trinity. He is the power behind creation. God-Head spoke and He moved and did great things. He was also the power behind the manifestation of Jesus on earth. Before Jesus’ ministry began, the presence of both the God-Head and the Holy Spirit was recognized.

The Holy Spirit has a mind of His own but is subject to the will of God. He is the promise to the Son, the comforter who will teach us all things and help our weaknesses. He speaks the mind of God and brings us face to face with the father. He is the greatest companion of a true believer.

2. Man

Man is a creation of God meant for worship. Man was created with the Life of God embedded in his genes. Man is governed by three dimensions;


This is the life of the body. Without the spirit, every other entity is dead. The spirit of man is the part of him that can face the spirit world. When the bible talked about worshiping in truth and spirit in John 4:24, it was referring to connecting spirit or spirit with God.

The spirit of a man is controlled by a greater spirit; God or demons. The spirit of man is created by the breadth of God but is at liberty to choose whom it will follow. At repentance, the spirit is changed and connected to the spirit to God.

b.) Soul

This is the real person of a man. This is the neutral party between the spirit and body. In the soul is the mind which is made up of two sections, the conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the open part where any and everything can fly in. It can be regulated depending on the spirit in charge of the body.

The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that consists of beliefs, ideologies and past judgments. The things that exist in this part of the minds has been dwelt upon. The soul is where decisions are taken with respect to either the flesh or spirit.

c.) Body / Flesh.

This is the physical covering of a man. The flesh is moulded by God with dust. Only the breadth of life (spirit) keeps the dust (flesh) together. The flesh is the weapon that the devil uses against Children of God. The flesh can easily be deceived by emipheral things.

In the beginning, it was the flesh that led Eve to sin against God. A man who doesn’t have the life of God cannot successfully control the cravings of the flesh. Only the help of God and the Holy spirit can help to curb the demands of the flesh.


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