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I Am Back!

I Am Back!

Breaks from activities are very necessary. Breaks are healthy. Breaks are refreshing. Breaks are insight-full. Breaks are amazing. It is expedient that I take one once in a while, right? Even God took a break from creation for a whole day. How much more you and I?

During my break, I did a lot of healthy things; physically and spiritually. I paid more heed to the voice of God, found out more about myself, delved into challenges that would really ‘challenge’ me. The point is, I had a progressive and successful break. I can confidently say ‘I gained value during this break’.

However, that’s not all. I learnt some new designing skills and it’s so so amazing. I created newer and more compelling designs that are beautiful and creative. I didn’t write so much but I read a few times. I worked on improving myself as much as I could.

Notably, when talking a break, it’s important to make plans. It’s not enough to just declear that you’re going on a retreat or break. Set goals! Make plans! The best way to achieve something is by preparing before you even get into it.

Plans help you to be diligent. Plans keep you determined. Imagine if I went into a supermarket and I had absolutely no idea what I want to purchase. Wouldn’t that be ridiculous? I mean, I just wasted about 15-30 minutes of my time going to a place with no blueprint.

For every single battle the Israelites won, they had a plan given to them by God. They didn’t just run to the battle field with no idea of what they were going to do. They had a plan, followed through with it and were successful; immensely successful.

For two reasons;

  1. The God-Factor.

In everything you do, do not, in fact NEVER leave out the God-factor. Just like a child cannot make some decisions without his mother is the same way you cannot make some decisions without God and prosper. You might think you’re prospering. In actual sense, you’re just eating the crumbs of the table God has prepared for you.

God is the supreme creator who knows All things. He knows the beginning even from the end. He knows the end from the end. He can tell you what to do and you will succeed. All you have to do is make Him included in all you do. He’s a perfect gentleman and will always show up when called.

God expects you to call on Him. As a matter of fact, He’s ever ready to listen to you at every point in time. Remember when Samson lost his power because of Delilah? Even in his rubbished state, he called on God for mercy and a return of power. That same day, He got the power. Why? He asked.

Our problem isn’t always knowing you have a problem. It’s admitting you need God to help you solve that problem. Some people imagine that God wouldn’t be interested in some certain issues. Trust me, He wants to know EVERYTHING! From when you pee to when you poo even down to when you eat, he cares.

The issue here is, Do you acknowledge that you need him to help you? Do you accept His help? Do you call on Him? If your answers are positive, I congratulate you. You’re on your way to hearing from God.(This will be another blog post for another time. Anticipate!)

  1. They Obeyed.

Deuteronomy 28:1 says, “If you fully obey the Lord your God by keeping all the commands I am giving you today, the Lord your God will exalt you above all the nations of the world.” (NLT)

It says ‘If’ before He even gave the promise. Meaning that any prophecy or blessing rained on you is backed up by a condition which you must first of all obey. Obedience to that condition will give a wholesome blessing. Partial obedience will give partial blessings.

Often times, we are given instructions. We obey but at the tail end, we slack off. That slackness alone might have made you loose a blessing that would have launched you into the next please of your destiny. Because of the flesh, you abandon your consecration.

Consecration is a compellation for obedience. God says; ‘My daughter, go on a three days fast for that sister of yours’. And because you probably do not like her face, you fast but pray for a different thing. You obeyed partially. In some cases, partial disobedience will abort the entire blessings and probably take you to the beginning of your ladder to greatness all over again.

Obedience cannot be over-emphasized. Obedience is a quality that distinguishes people and elevates them. Some men don’t know how to pray for 12 hours. They don’t even know how to fast for three days. However, they posses the willingness obey. Such that even when they are faced with these tasks that cannot do, they will be able to endure and obey.

In cases like that, they are endowed with grace to obey. As a matter of fact, their willingness to obey has automatically granted them the sufficient grace to scale through successfully. It’s sometimes not all about your stamina and ability. It’s really about your willingness to obey and follow through with God all the way despite tribulations.

If you said this prayer with me, I congratulate you. Reach out to is for counselling and encouragement at 09162193447 via WhatsApp.

Now, the million dollar question is; “Are you God inclusive? Does God even know you? Do you have a relationship with Him? Are you firmly rooted in His word and ways? Are you chasing after Him in a bid to know more?”

If you aren’t today is a great opportunity to do so! Say this with me; ‘Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I have pushed you to the side and followed my flesh. I realize now that you are the only one that can save me. Father, I come to you and I ask Lord that you take absolute control over my life. Teach me Lord. Guide me. Chastize me. And I will listen to you. Thank you, Jesus’

I hope this has blessed you. I would be more thrilled if you practice all what I have written down. From now on, we’ll have more Holy Ghost inspired write-ups.

Jah’s blessings.
©Growing In Grace.


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  1. Jochebed

    Thank you for this…this is an amazing writeup.

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    1. Amaka N.

      Thank you too🤗❤️
      May God bless you 🙏✝️❤️

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  2. Divine

    Thank you so much!
    Welcome back. 😊

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    1. Amaka N.

      Thank you ma’am ✝️❤️


  3. Godspurpose

    Thank you so much ma💜

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    1. Amaka N.



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