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God And Man! Īī

As soon as you receive sonship, you have automatically become a convenanted child of God. As a child of God, you have endless blessings and benefits. These entitlements include; a new spirit, access and power in the spiritual realm, gifts and fruits of the spirit and lots more.

Genesis 1:27&28 (NLT) says,
27. So God created people in his own image; God patterned them after himself; male and female he created them.
28. God blessed them and told them, “Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. Be masters over the fish and birds and all the animals.”

This verse makes us understand that we were created to be sons of the most high. Every living being is composed of the components of the most high God. Irrespective of sex, we are all sons. As we all know, sons are representatives of the Father. When you see the son of a man, you must give him anything he asks in the name of the father because he stands on the name of the father.

Since God cannot be physically present to oversee the affairs of the earth, He created us to reign over everything He created. We are practically the bosses around here. We were made to run things on earth. We speak things and they come to reality because we have been appointed as sons. However, not everyone created by God will remain a son.

Please stay with me!

At the point where God made that statement in Genesis, there was no sin. Sin hadn’t existed at that point. So there wasn’t any need for the ‘but’ factor. However, when the devil came with temptations that birted sin, sonship became the sole rights of God’s chosen. In the sense that God alone determines his sons. That is why lions can attack a man, a full representative of God.

As at the time sin wasn’t present, man and all creatures lived in harmony. There weren’t conflicts or disputes. All creatures obeyed man because he was spotless. He was as holy as the Father. He was the Father to them. Immediately man sinned, the balance that existed in the garden of Eden was destroyed. Man could conceive evil in his heart because he ate the forbidden fruit.

When God created man, he had a pure heart. A heart that couldn’t think evil. As a matter of fact, the path of thinking evil hadn’t been discovered yet because man gave himself to obeying God. However, the fruit he ate was of wisdom of good and evil. That fruit gave man options to obey God or not. That fruit aided the exploration of endless possibilities in sin.

At that point, man lost the freedom of sonship. Man couldn’t boldly claim to be a son to God. After that time, God selected men who proved with works that they are worth of being called sons to represent Him on earth. Every man used by God (eg. Moses, Daniel, David, Elijah etc) was a man who was hundred percent (100%) obedient to God.

Abraham is a great example of a son of God. The bible regarded him as the father of faith and a friend of God. He obeyed God against all odds. Even at the expense of the life of his only son whom he bore at age a hundred and more (100+), he obeyed God to the letter. In turn, God trusted Abraham so much that when he wanted to destroy Sodom, where Abraham’s Nephew, Lot and his family lived, He alerted Abraham.

During those years, men were justified by their works. Only men who could prove they are worthy of sonship got it. Although God loved and took care of others, only a certain category of people were appointed to work for God. However, we were reconciled to God by the blood of Jesus.

The space between the old and new testament is about four humderd years and more (400+). During those years, God was quite. He desperately wanted us to come back to him. In the old testament, he tried so many ways; the flood during Noah’s time, the ten commandments, prophesies etc. These methods didn’t seem to work. The only way was a blood sacrifice. That way the way at that time; an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

In those times, when a man sinned. He would bring a beast to the priest and confess his sins. He cannot go in himself because he is filthy. However, it is the job of the priest to remain spotless. A rope and a bell is tied and hung on the waist of the priest. He would then walk into the altar of God which was like a long hall. If the bell should stop jingling, it means the priest was a sinner and the wrath of God has killed him.

There was no man holy enough to pay the heavy price to buy us back. Jesus, then out of love and pity for us, surrendered himself to die for us. On coming to earth, he fulfilled the prophesies of the prophets. He wrought so many wonderous works among the people.

When the time came for him to die, he went to the garden of Gethsemane to pray. There, he asked the father to let the cup (sin of the world) pass over him. At that point, He was was extremely sorrowful. He almost backed away but he surrendered to the will of the Father. He remained an obedient son despite the weight of the sin he would bear.

With every stroke of the whip he was given, the sin of the world was placed on him. Mind you, the whips the Romans used wasn’t the usual whip. According to research, their own whip was adorned with bones. As the whip lands on him, the bones pierce and hold onto his flesh. And as the whip is retracted, it came back dragging the flesh of his body with it. According to research also, he was flogged up to fourth strokes of that whip. By then, His skin was already ragged and loose.

A crown of throne was placed on his head. He was spat on and disgraced by ordinary men. He was forced to bear a cross with his ragged and tender flesh. When he couldn’t bear it anymore, a peasant was forced to help him bear the cross. They tore his garments, caste lots with it and made a mockery of him. He was hung on the cross and left to die there. Being hung on a cross, in those times, is the worst punishment that can be given to an offender. It was also the most disgraceful.

A whole son of God humbled himself, came to earth as an ordinary man, endured insult from people who doubted him, bore the sin of the whole world and died. He did all this to restore the balance between God and man. He paid a huge price to reconcile us with the father.

God could have saved him the agony of bearing the sin of the world but His words stood aginst Him. The bible made us understand that our God cannot behold iniquity. Every sinner must be subjected to death. The only way to save us was if all our sins can be strapped on the back of one man and the man is killed for it. Jesus had to be that man.

As Jesus hung on the cross, God was looking upon him with pity. He couldn’t stop it, his word stood against him. He has to endure seeing his precious child killed because of the sins of the world. He loved Jesus but He already gave honour to his word more than himself. In the end, Jesus’ name bacame a name of authority and power against all situations. First, he had to pay the price for us on the cross.

So every single time you commit sin, you are nailing Jesus to the cross again. Every time you refuse a relationship with Him, you are simply saying that his sacrifices aren’t enough for you. For how much longer will you live beneath your calling as a son created to dominate?


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